Galerie Guerrin

Tribal Art gallery in Brussels
specialized in African Art

rue Blaes 166 - 1000 BRUSSELS -Open since 2009 (Gallery "Mondes d'Hier")

We buy and sell artworks and etnographic items from tribal societies in Africa, America and Oceania. We are mostly specialized in African sculpture from Congo Region coming from Belgian private collections. We also sell African textiles, paintings, bronzes, weapons, and other traditional items.

In adition, Yvan Guerrin is an expert in other antiques and collectibles as numismatics, jewelry, archeology, Egypt and old maps.

Art pieces and antiques have a long life beyond owners. If you feel that it is time to separate from a collection or a special object, we can help you to sell it in the best conditions.

African Art market is plenty of fakes. Buying from a gallery is the best investment in the longterm. It is a guarantee of provenance and it helps to train the eye acquiring authentic pieces.

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Our Online Auctions:

Our gallery regularly publishes online Tribal Art sales in different auction houses. 

We are auctioneers with a great reputation and we can plan a Private Collection sale for your collection in the shortest delay.

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About Yvan Guerrin

Yvan Guerrin is a passionate of art and history since his childhood. He started collecting about the age of 13, when his grandmother gave him his grandfather’s “treasures suitcase”.

He discovered the pleasure of collecting with stamps and coins. Afterwards, he  quickly orientated towards other subjects like archeology, tribal art, and African art particularly.

He spent years buying items in antique shops, brocantes or flea markets and selling them online as a way to finance his own collection, while he was working in the banking sector.

In 2009 he opened a gallery called “Mondes d’Hier” -renamed “Galerie Guerrin” in 2021- next to Place du Jeu de Balles where the biggest Brussels Flea Market takes place daily. 

Since then he helps collectors and their successors to give a second life to the items they once treasured.

He also collaborates with auction houses as seller or expert in African Art.


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What People Say

Yvan has accompanied me in the evolution of my collection. Not only he found the kind of items I was looking for. I could also finance a part of my acquisitions by selling some African masks I bought in other galleries of Sablon years before.
Frank Dejonghe
After my father died, his African Art collection occupied a whole room of my house for several years. I knew there were some valuable pieces but I did not have the knowledge to sell them in good conditions. Yvan evaluated the collection and he adviced me about the best strategies to sell it. I asked him to take everything in charge and I focused on following my own dream: to travel around the world.
Bernard Biemans

Do you want a free expertise?

Do you own an art or antique object that intrigues you and whose value, origin or simply its use you would like to know? Have you inherited an old collection but you don’t know how to sell it?

You can come to us for a quick, reliable and completely free response, by sending us a photo or bringing the object directly to the gallery so that we can carry out a full assessment at no cost.

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